Rental Terms

Booking process

  • The person making the reservation is responsible for the home and any guests who will be at the home, so it is important that everyone in your group has read and agrees to the rental terms.
  • The person making the reservation must supply credit or debit card information and agree to the rental terms as part of the booking process.
  • You commit to your reservation and the rental terms at the time of booking. Please make sure you have read and agree to the rental terms and that the home’s location and amenities work for you before making your reservation.
  • All homes have a 3-night minimum. Some homes require a full week (7 nights). Each home’s length-of-stay requirements will be noted on the home’s webpage and the home’s calendar.
  • We do not take bookings more than one year in advance. If you are staying at one of our homes and would like to re-book that home for the same time period next year, please contact us during your stay to guarantee your dates.
  • If you wish to make a reservation for an arrival date that is within seven days of the current date, please submit an online inquiry or call us to make sure we can accommodate the booking.
  • A cleaning fee is added to the cost of all rentals. The cleaning fee will be line-listed in the breakdown of costs when you make your reservation and is also posted on each home’s webpage. Cleaning fees are subject to tax.
  • A deposit of 30% of the total rent, fees, and taxes is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to arrival. Reservations made within 14 days of the arrival date require full payment at the time of booking. See our Payment Terms for more information.
  • Peak Season is Memorial Day weekend (starting Friday) through Labor Day weekend (ending Monday). Off-Peak Season is all other times.

Payment terms, fees, and taxes

A deposit is a partial payment on a home that we agree to save for you and goes toward the balance due. The deposit is 30% of the total rent, fees, and taxes and is due at the time of booking. A credit or debit card will be required to pay the deposit online and hold your reservation.

Final Payment
The balance or final payment is required 14 days prior to your arrival date and is due by credit or debit card. We will automatically draft the balance due from the provided credit or debit card 14 days prior to your arrival date.

Credit or Debit Card Payments
We accept credit or debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover drawn from a US bank.

Last-Minute Reservations
Reservations made within 14 days of the arrival date require full payment and must be paid in full with a credit or debit card.

We are required to collect the following taxes on all rentals: 6% Michigan Sales & Use Tax, 5% Local Room Tax, and 1% UP Tourism Tax. These taxes will be added to the cost of all rentals and will be line-listed in the breakdown of costs when you make your reservation.

Cleaning Fee
A one-time cleaning fee is added to the cost of all rentals. The cleaning fee will be line-listed in the breakdown of costs when you make your reservation and is also posted on each home’s webpage. Cleaning fees are subject to tax.

Pet Fee(s)
Some of our homes are pet-friendly and will allow 1 or 2 dogs within the home. If you would like to bring your dog(s), a fee of $50 per pet will be added to the total rental rate and will be line-listed in the breakdown of costs when you make your reservation. Pet fees are subject to tax.

Cancellations and changes to reservations

Cancellation Policy For All Reservations
Cancellations made 30 days or more prior to arrival with written notice shall be given a full refund, minus a $50.00 cancellation fee. Cancellations of less than 30 days prior to arrival shall forfeit the entire rent, fees, and sales tax unless Northern Properties is able to re-rent the property. Refunds on any forfeiture will be issued the dollar value the unit is re-rented for during the same dates as the canceled reservation, minus a $50.00 cancellation fee. You commit to your dates at the time of booking, there is no refund for early departure or refusal to occupy upon arrival or no-shows.

All refunds are processed at the end of each month. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to your arrival date, you will not receive a refund until after your canceled dates have passed.

Reservation Changes
You may contact us to change your dates or add a day to your reservation as long as the property you have reserved is available. Please call us at 906-493-5930 to amend your reservation.

Home Transfers
Reservations may be transferred with no penalty, but guests must provide a legitimate reason for the request and a maximum of one home transfer is allowed. Home transfers are not permitted for ANY REASON if notified less than 30 days prior to your arrival.

Miscellaneous information

Boats & Dock Space
  • Docks are pulled during the winter and may not be available during the spring and fall seasons.
  • If your rental home says it comes with a fishing boat, they are aluminum boats with no motor. You can bring a motor or rent one at a local marina.
  • Water levels can fluctuate, which can affect docks. If you have concerns that a dock may not work for your boat, please call prior to bringing your boat.
  • Homes that have docks guarantee space for one boat only.
  • We cannot give refunds if a dock space is not adequate for your boat, or if the water levels affect a dock’s usability.
  • It is the boat owner’s responsibility to bring their own bumpers and to pull their boat if weather conditions are not ideal. Neither Northern Properties nor the homeowners are responsible for boats that are damaged while at a rental home.
  • Docks that are damaged due to a guest’s negligence will be billed to the guest accordingly.
  • Don’t have your own boat? You can rent fishing boats and pontoons at different marinas around the Island by the day or week.
Hot Tub Units
  • Prior to your arrival, the hot tub was cleaned and chemicals were added. During a normal week’s stay (or less), a hot tub should not require extra cleaning, water, and/or chemicals. To help maintain the hot tub water, make sure you are clean and free of lotions or perfumes and do not allow children to jump in and out of the tub repeatedly, which will affect water levels. If you require us to service a tub during your stay, there is a fee of $45, which can be charged to the card on file. If for some reason you are not satisfied with a tub’s cleanliness this must be reported before it is used so that any issues can be diagnosed.
  • Children should never be allowed to jump or dive into a hot tub and can never be left alone without adult supervision.
  • The homes have well water; there may be white flakes in the tub that can be confused as sand/dirt when seen or felt.
  • Northern Properties and the homeowners will not be held responsible for injuries that occur while using a hot tub; the use of a hot tub is at your own risk.
  • Do not bring items into the hot tub that can get caught in the filter or scratch the hot tub surface, such as toys.
  • If you damage a hot tub or hot tub cover, you will be responsible for any expenses that are incurred for fixing it.
  • Always cover the hot tub when it is not in use. If the cover is left off, it will accumulate leaves/dirt.
  • Hot tub covers are expensive to replace. When uncovering the tub, handle the cover carefully and be sure all straps are unclipped. Do not sit or jump on the cover, they are only made of Styrofoam and are fragile! Most hot tubs have cinch straps on them. This is to keep the wind from blowing the cover off. Please replace the cover and straps when the tub is not in use.
  • Try not to push the buttons on the control panel. If you need to adjust the temperature, just press that button. Pushing a sequence of buttons will put the tub in sleep mode and it will not heat up.
Right of Entry

Northern Properties and its authorized agents may enter the premises at any time in the event of an emergency but will use its best efforts to give 24-hour notice for normal maintenance or repairs.

Lawn Care & Snow Plowing

During your stay, there may be someone stopping by to mow the grass (or plow, depending on the season). We are sorry for any inconvenience, but we want to make sure that everything is nice for our guests, and unfortunately, these services cannot always be scheduled on departure days.

Trash Removal

Please have your trash in the garbage cans outside of the home. We will come by during the week to collect it (weekly stays only).

Vehicles & Trailers

Remember these are privately owned homes and some have limited parking. It is the guest’s responsibility to make sure the parking at the home is acceptable prior to booking. All vehicles must stay within the designated parking areas and are not allowed on the grass or beach areas. Failure to keep vehicles and trailers off restricted areas that result in damages to lawns, septic drain fields, etc. will be the guest’s responsibility and you will be billed for the cost of the repair.

Septic Systems

All of our properties are private homes with individual septic systems. Please do not flush wipes, feminine products, or other items down the toilets, even if they are labeled as flushable or septic-safe. Flush only waste and toilet paper.

All motorized vehicles, including ATVs/ORVs, are to stay on the designated driveway to prevent damage to either the septic tank or drain field. Failure to keep vehicles and trailers off restricted areas that result in damages to septic systems or drain fields will be the guest’s responsibility and you will be billed for the cost of the repair.

Non-Smoking Homes

All of our homes are non-smoking. This includes cigarettes, vaporizers, and marijuana. If you or your guests smoke or vape inside a home you will be billed for the cost to restore the home to ‘non-smoking’ condition. Costs involved include washing all blankets & pillows, window treatments, furniture, walls, etc. All cigarette butts must be contained outside. Do not throw butts all over the yard for our service crew to pick up. If this happens, you will be charged a fee for their time.

Capacity & Guests

Do not exceed the total amount of people that are allowed in the home (kids are considered people too!). Babies 2 and under are an exception and do not count toward the home’s total capacity listed. The number of people allowed is based on what a homeowner is comfortable having in their homes, not necessarily how many they can sleep. If a homeowner will make an exception for more than what is posted, there will be a fee of $25/per day charged for each additional person. Please get permission ahead of time for additional guests and pets arriving during the week. Our homes cannot be used for large functions such as weddings, rehearsal dinners, family reunions, etc. unless the maximum amount of people at the function does not exceed the capacity of the home.

Being Considerate Neighbors

All of our rental properties are privately owned homes with neighbors who value the solitude and beauty of the island. Please be friendly and considerate neighbors by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Keep noise to a minimum after 10 pm. Quiet hours are between 10 pm and 8 am.
  • No parties! Our homeowners are sharing their homes with the intent of a relaxing and enjoyable vacation experience. If you do not plan to treat your rental home with respect, please book elsewhere.
  • Please drive at a safe and reasonable speed down all public and private roads. No burnouts, spinouts, or donuts in the roads or driveways.
  • No trespassing on property that is not part of your rental home (this includes pets).
  • Absolutely no fireworks allowed.
  • Target practice or the use of firearms, bows, weapons, and/or incendiaries are strictly prohibited at all times on our rental properties.
Not Allowed

Air conditioners, space heaters, campers and/or tents, and incendiaries including but not limited to fireworks.

Telephone, Internet, and Satellite Pay Per View

Homes with a phone do not have long-distance service and are to be used for local and/or emergency phone calls only. Any charges incurred to the Property’s phone number during the rental term shall be the responsibility of the guest, including but not limited to international/long-distance phone charges, and pay-for-use phone services. Do not order Pay Per View movie purchases, Premium Channels, and/or Special Event Programing on Satellite TV. A $25 collection fee will be charged in addition to the charges on the phone or satellite bill. If your home does not have WIFI we can help you find locations to connect for free on the Island.

Homes Furnishings and Supplies

Each of our privately owned homes reflects the taste of its owner. Furnishings are subject to change without notice. Furniture, bedding, dishware, utensils, or any other property supplied with the rental property must not be taken out or transferred from one property to another. Loss of these items, as well as damage to the property or furnishings in excess of normal wear, will be charged to the guest(s).

Many homes have a locked closet that belongs to the owner. Tampering with locked doors will result in a charge to your credit card and legal action by the owners.

The furniture at the homes is placed where the owners want it and can not be moved. This includes bonfire pits outdoors. Moving furniture around can damage flooring and furniture, which is expensive to replace/repair.

These homes are loved by their owners, please take care of the home and the furnishings as if they were your own. All of the homes are equipped with items such as bedding and basic kitchen items needed for cooking and serving. For more information on what each home provides and what you will need to bring along, please reference our What to Bring list.

Damages, Issues, Malfunctioning Equipment

If there is a problem due to malfunctioning equipment, please report it immediately. Do not wait until your departure day to call or leave notes, as we may have been able to take care of it for you while you were here, and it could also affect the next guests. We do our very best to fix or replace malfunctioning items, however, there are a limited number of service contractors in our area, and sometimes things cannot be repaired as fast as we would like. We cannot issue refunds for problems with Satellite TV, phone, internet, VCR/DVD players, hot tubs, games/pool tables, dishwashers, or anything else that is not considered a necessity.

Please be advised linens with unremovable stains due to makeup, mud, dirt, etc. will incur a replacement charge. ORV/ATV Guests, it is recommended you bring your own towels and washcloths in order to keep from having additional charges due to unremovable stains caused by mud, dirt, and/or grease on the homeowner’s towels and washcloths.

Water Quality

Our home’s water supply comes from private wells, which may have minerals that can result in rust and/or an unpleasant odor.

Welcome and Not-So-Welcome Guests

During your visit, you may see some visitors in the way of wildlife, which adds to the experience, but you may also have some unwelcome visitors such as spiders, snakes, raccoons, bats, mice, etc. Please understand we do all we can to help with the unwanted visitors, but we cannot be held responsible for nature or things that are outside of our control.

Fishing and Hunting

How to dispose of fish guts and remains from small game hunting: Double bag and put the fish or animal remains in the freezer until the day you leave, then put them in the trash can outdoors right before you leave. Make sure the lid is secure on the trash can to deter the bears.

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