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If you own a home on Drummond Island and are considering using it for a vacation rental, let Northern Properties help!

This is a great way to afford your own ‘vacation home’ while offsetting many of the expenses such as utilities, maintenance costs, and taxes. We would be happy to meet you at your home for a tour and go over details such as what the home would need in order to be guest-ready, rental pricing, and amenity specifics. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas and can offer suggestions on what we feel can be done to help maximize your rental income as well as make guests want to return to your home year after year! 

Below are just a few reasons to partner with Northern Properties

  • Northern Properties is owner operated, which helps ensure that our standards of care are being met.

  • Northern Properties has been in business since 1991. Many of our guests have returned year after year for nearly 30 years!

  • We have a new user-friendly website that is updated regularly. Our guests have the best tools for browsing homes based on their amenity preferences and real-time availability and the convenience of booking online. Our website is also at the top of the biggest and best search engines.

  • We can be your personal shopper. If your home needs something, we can place the order for you online and coordinate getting it to the office or you can pick up the item from the office.

  • We sell hot tub chemicals and filters at our office and work closely with Ellis Plumbing to make repairs, so you can have peace of mind knowing they are taken care of properly.

  • We work very hard to not only please our guests, but also our homeowners. We strive to build friendships that will last a lifetime and look forward to seeing our homeowners when they visit, as well as our return guests each year!

  • We have an excellent staff of housekeepers and service crew who make sure our homes are in tip-top shape and rental ready. We also do regular inspections to make sure our homes are being properly cared for.

  • We schedule lawn care, trash removal, housekeeping, snow plowing, hot tub servicing, etc. We have you covered.

  • We know our homes very well and go to great lengths to match our guests with the home that will provide them with their ultimate Drummond Island vacation experience.

  • We have a professional bookkeeper taking care of our accounts. Owners can just sit back and collect a check every month!

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