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‘Island time’ is quality time

It’s not easy to describe Drummond Island without sounding cliche. The Island boasts a certain charm that is immediately evident upon arrival, but difficult to capture with words. Things tend to move a little slower on the Island. People stop to chat about life, and strangers honk and wave from their cars. Fishing reports regularly supersede news about the Dow Jones Industrial or the S&P 500. Rush hour traffic typically involves leaving 15 minutes early to get a spot on the ferry rather than sitting in gridlock for an hour. Beautiful sunsets and frolicking wildlife are commonplace but hardly mundane.

Rustic beauty

The Island is an ideal alternative to traditional Disney World vacations, providing families and couples with breathtaking views to relax and enjoy the rustic beauty that defines the area. When you visit this year-round vacation spot, cherish your unscheduled time. Walk through the woods and enjoy the fall colors. Swap stories on a boat and enjoy waiting for the fish to bite. Talk about the weather, even if you plan to spend the day indoors. Make a point to see the sunset before you leave.

Call an old friend and take the fishing trip you’ve been putting off for too long. Plan a romantic getaway and enjoy the seclusion of a truly private space. Let your children swim in the lake instead of spending another muggy day at an overpriced amusement park. Host your family reunion on neutral territory.

The benefits of nature and the outdoors for you and your family are priceless. Research has shown that time in green areas is important to the overall health and well-being of children as well as adults. Take some time this year to have a real vacation full of nature, clean air, and fresh water.

On your next trip, emphasize the quality of time spent on vacation, rather than the number of events on a guided tour. Trade bright lights, ornate hotel rooms, and concierges for Northern Lights, kayaks, and local color. Let the setting and scenery of Drummond Island take care of you — it will provide all that you really need.

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