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Northern Properties (NP) Agreement Form

1.  I have read and agree to NP Rental terms.  I understand I am responsible for any guests that will be at the home with me and will also inform them of these terms.       http://www.northernproperties.com/index.php?page=Rental_Terms

2.  I have read NP Check in Procedures, and am familiar with where the NP office is located.  I understand payment is due at check in unless other arrangements are made.  I understand that if I have guests arriving at a later date/time that it is my responsibility to be sure they know how to get to the home ahead of time, as the NP office may not be open and cell phones do not always work.                                                                                                      http://northernproperties.com/index.php?page=Check-in_Procedure    

3.  I authorize NP to charge any balance left unpaid after check in (unless prior arrangements are made), and/or for any damages or charges incurred during my stay to my credit card on file.  Homes are inspected for damages after each guest.  We understand we may miss something, so it is important that damages are reported within the first 24 hours of your stay to avoid being held responsible.           

4.  I understand that each home has a maximum number of people that is allowed, and agree to not go over this amount.  I also understand that not all homes are pet friendly, that if I am bringing a pet I need to report it, and that there is a fee that applies for failure to do so.  http://www.northernproperties.com/index.php?page=Pet_Policy

5.  I have read and agree to the cancellation policy, which is located on the rental terms.  I understand my reservation is binding at the time the deposit is made.

6.  I agree to contact NP immediately if there are any problems or issues during my stay.  I understand I cannot get refunded for something that can be fixed/handled during my stay (which could include a transfer to a different home), or for any reason that is not hindering my stay.

7.  I understand that if I will be bringing a boat, or require excessive parking, that it is my responsibility to make sure my rental home will accommodate either.  I am aware that NP will not give refunds, or pay for a dock space elsewhere.

8.  I understand that NO vehicles of any kind are allowed on the lawns OR shorelines.  If failure to follow these rules result in damage (including damage to drain field) I will be responsible for repairs, which could be as much as $5000.

9.  I am aware of check out times (9am peak/ 10am off peak) and agree to pay charges that apply for any unauthorized late departures.

10.  I understand that a valid credit card is required to be on file for my reservation to be finalized, and if booking online I will need to call NP to provide this information over the phone.  Once I book a home I will receive a confirmation email from NP and understand that it is my responsibility to be sure all of the information is correct and will agree to contact NP to make any changes necessary. 

This form is a binding contract between Northern Properties (NP) and the signed guest below, and applies to all reservations at any home managed by NP. (This contract will need to be updated if any information changes)          

By signing below you are stating you have read, and agree to the information above.

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